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About BluDesks

In today’s business world, start-ups, SMEs and even large corporations look for cost-effective solutions to stay competitive in crowded markets. Workspace overheads being the major expense, co-working spaces have enabled entrepreneurs tackle business challenges head-on, yet there are still limitations; fixed-term contracts, lack of freedom, limited flexibility and the time wasted registering with different companies have all contributed to customers pain points.

Enter BluDesks.com. We recognise the challenges faced by modern businesses and go the extra mile to deliver convenient and cost-effective solutions that also enable you to be more flexible. And we haven’t only considered the limitations from the end-users point of view either - we even have cost-effective and convenient solutions for shared office providers that are looking for opportunities to fill unused spaces!

Co-working Space That Provides More Flexible Solutions For End-Users

Freelancers, startups and corporate businesses are increasingly turning to co-working spaces for a myriad of reasons. For individuals, shared office space provides convenient and flexible options whilst SME’s can slash the costs of owning and maintaining long-term office leases. Even still, the shared office sector is not without its limitations.

Having operated in the virtual office space since 2009, we noticed a growing number of start-ups and SMEs wanted flexible arrangements which the industry does not provide. BluDesks is designed to change the existing paradigm by presenting co-working space users with more flexibility, better options and a convenient platform you can use directly from a mobile device.

Remote Coworking Spaces Anywhere Anytime
Co-working Space That Provides More Flexible Solutions

Opportunities For Co-Working Space Providers

As the co-working space grows, so does the competition. Unless you’re ranking on page one of search engines or paying extortionate fees for paid ads on social media, reaching your target audience can be difficult. BluDesks provides a marketing solution other digital platforms cannot offer. For sure, you will reach a wider audience by purchasing targeted ads from Google and Facebook but what is your return on investment?

When you partner with BluDesks there are no upfront marketing costs. We perform all the advertising on your behalf. All we ask is for a small commission on any bookings you receive through the website. Ultimately BluDesks is a no-risk solution that helps you fill unused workspace.

Excellent Customer Service

We hand-pick our staff for their diligence and dedication to provide you first-class customer services you deserve. Furthermore, we always listen to your business needs and endeavour to accommodate you as best we can.

Although we have complete faith in our team of professionals, if you feel the need to speak with any of our managing directors, we are also personally available to help smooth over any issues you have with our service or answer any questions you have with regards the contractual terms.

we always listen to your business needs
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Join Us Today: Together We Are Stronger

BluDesks takes great pride in delivering a first-class service for a fee you can afford. Whether you’re a member or a partner, we promise to deliver a premium performance and reward you with excellent value for money. We recognise our performance is only as good as the last interaction you have with us, which is why our staff is trained to maintain high standards regardless of the situation. We trust that our knowledge and experience give us the edge and ensures we deliver customer satisfaction every time.

For a successful future, join the BluDesk family and let’s grow together. We all deserve the opportunity for our business to succeed and pulling together makes us stronger.

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