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Remote Working Corporate Membership

Manage your remote workforce with remote workspaces

Ever thought remote working means reduced staff efficiency? Many employers find the opposite - it improves productivity and staff morale. That is why even large enterprises are adapting to a tribrid workspace model – working from home, a local flexible office space, or at the corporate office.

One Corporate Membership – unlimited employee access

With a BluDesks Corporate Membership, you can let your employees choose where they work from and when. It may be a couple of days from home, a day or two at a local flexible business centre and, as and when needed, from your main or regional office.

Remote Working Corporate Membership

Improve remote worker productivity

A consistent and well-equipped working environment is key to maintaining and increasing productivity. All our business centres are geared to enabling remote workers to do what they do best, without all the distractions or technical limitations found at home.

Our global office network

Whether you are a UK business, with plans to expand internationally, or a business based outside of the UK, BluDesks has one of the largest networks of dedicated business centres to allow true flexible and agile working. We have over one thousand remote workspace listings - coworking spaces, meeting rooms and private offices - covering more than 120 cities across the UK & Europe, and beyond.

All our business centres are superbly equipped with hi-speed internet, ergonomic office furniture, and hygienic break-out areas. Our network grows rapidly every day. If you can’t find a local remote workspace near you, let us know and we will bring one closer to you.

Manage your remote workforce
Flexible to your changing needs

Flexible to your changing needs

Every business changes over time. Your staff numbers may increase or decrease, your locations may change as may the structure and focus of your business.

Whatever happens, BluDesks is fully scalable to your evolving business needs. You are never tied into a single package. You have full control to adjust your usage of our flexible workspaces, according to your specific needs.

Best of all, it’s pay-as-you-go. You only pay for whenever your employees book a workspace, be it for an hour, day, week or a month. There is no long-term commitment – you are free to close your membership any time.

You’re in complete control…

You’re always in full control. One single online interface that manages all your employees’ remote workspace usage, real-time visibility of costs, full data and reporting, straight to your mobile or PC, wherever you are, 24/7.

single online interface that manages all your remote workspace usage
choose which employees can have access to our remote workspaces

Remote working – the future

After all, working from home is not always a suitable option for everyone. It may be due to background household noise, lack of workspace or poor internet connectivity. BluDesks helps you find the right balance and manage the limitations of your employees working remotely and commuting, to increase productivity. We’re looking to a bright future for flexible remote working.

How does it work?

As a corporate member, you choose which employees can have access to our remote workspaces. They can find a workspace and book on the web or via BluDesks mobile App, turn up on the day and get on with things. There’s no need for you to remind them to have a cuppa either. Our friendly receptionists will even do this for you. We will process all booking charges to your corporate membership. You can monitor all activities, including check-in and check-out from your dedicated member portal.

You can monitor all activities, including check-in and check-out
our remote workspaces are some of the most proactive on hygiene and safety fronts

Peace of mind on safety

Covid-19 has led business owners globally to refocus their policies and procedures towards staff safety in all workplace scenarios.

For ultimate peace of mind, our remote workspaces are some of the most proactive on hygiene and safety fronts. Our ‘Covid Compliant’ initiative means we display this standard on our workspace listings, for your total assurance.

What that means on the ground is our remote workspaces observe strict social distancing measures, clear hygiene signage, limited users to facilities and a regular and thorough cleaning and disinfecting regimen.

You can be rest assured that when your staff are working in a BluDesks workspace, they are working in the cleanest and most compliant environments available anywhere, so they can be fully productive without safety concerns.

Get ready for the future with remote working..

The benefits of remote working don’t stop just with your workforce and your business finance. It helps reduce commuting and so reduces your carbon footprint.

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