At BluDesks, we provide you, as a commercial workspace provider, with a unique opportunity to sell more of your services from one single global platform. Our workspace partnership means you can easily increase your potential to attract professionals and businesses that need flexible office space, with truly little effort.

What’s more, we do all the marketing legwork and customer services on your behalf, so you can maximise your bottom line without additional cost. All you have to do is update the profile and pricing of your listings as appropriate.

Our clients choose BluDesks, because we specialise in on-demand, short-term workspace bookings, that are most popular with flexi-workers and travelling professionals.

How Workspace Partnership Works?

Joining our workspace partnership programme is easy and takes just minutes. From listing your space to completing a booking, our dedicated team are always there to assist you.

  • Signup online and list your workspaces with impressive descriptions, images, videos, and virtual tours. Set pricing per hour, day, week, or month.
  • Get notified of all bookings via email and on your dedicated online dashboard.
  • Welcome another user and, check-in and check-out on the day, on your dashboard.
  • Get paid for all your monthly bookings in one single settlement. We will transfer funds directly to your bank account each month.

Benefits for Partners

BluDesks users, from freelancers to corporate employees, can easily search for well-equipped flexible workspaces for regular or occasional use. In the current COVID pandemic conditions, many new clients start with day bookings to complement home working. You will:

  • Reach a wider audience and attract more customers on a regular basis.
  • Receive more bookings for unoccupied office space and increase revenue.
  • Improve online visibility and raise brand awareness.
  • Freely set your own prices and update availability of your facilities.
  • Benefit from world-class marketing that is totally paid-for and managed by BluDesks.
  • Experience minimal administrative burdens. We take complete care from customer services to payments.

Why Partner with BluDesks?

Established in 2019, BluDesks is a rapidly expanding online platform, connecting thousands of well-equipped flexible workspaces to freelance professionals, SMEs and corporate workforce, all around the world.

Our niche is making flexible workspaces available on-demand for one-man bands, the busy-travelling professionals and corporate enterprises that are looking for alternative solutions to home-working for their workforce. No business is small business for BluDesks.

BluDesks removes administrative burdens and loosens the strain of marketing budgets. We ultimately give you the opportunity to fill under-utilised workspaces and maximise your revenue with minimum effort and very little expense.

We automatically enrol our members in a referral program which has the potential to attract more customers to your property through word-of-mouth. You still have full control over your business together with the capacity to manage availability but for far less time and effort.

The BluDesks workspace partnership helps you test the uncharted territory, making hourly coworking space bookings and day passes available at your workspace, without having to change your business model. We manage all short-time bookings from payments to customer care whilst you reap the benefits for little effort.

With over 50 years of combined business experience and first-class marketing, we are confident BluDesks will appeal to thousands of professionals and businesses that want flexible workspace facilities, bringing you the additional customers you are competing for.

Earn Even More...

It doesn’t cost anything to list your space so why not do it now and earn even more revenue through BluDesks? Call us now on +44 20 3745 3743 or email us here