Cost-Effective Solutions for Established Professionals


Cost-Effective Solutions for Established Professionals

Shared office space has revolutionised how businesses can operate to their maximum potential whilst making significant cost savings on rent. Although hot desking has become a popular choice for flexible working, some employees prefer to hire a dedicated desk that is convenient, personalised and affordable.

What are Dedicated Desks

Dedicated desks are workstations in shared office spaces that an individual employee can call their own. A dedicated desk rental gives employees access to personal desk space where they feel comfortable and free from distractions.

Workers that prefer to hire a dedicated desk are more accustomed to creating a personal space where they can focus. Dedicated desk rentals enable employees to decorate their desk with photos of their families, plants and personal memorabilia.

Hire A Dedicated Desk Space Near You

Employees that take advantage of flexible working hours have the opportunity to work in conveniently located offices close to where they live. Why travel to an office across town when you can hire a dedicated desk near to where you live.

With hundreds of fully-equipped coworking offices signed up to our website, BluDesks makes it easier for anyone to find a dedicated desk space near you. And for an affordable price.

Cost-Effective Dedicated Desk Rental

When you hire a dedicated desk with most shared office service providers, you are tied into a fixed-term contract. This means you usually pay for dedicated space even when you’re not using it.

BluDesks provide a cost-effective solution. With our business model, you can hire a dedicated desk near you in one-hour blocks. Our flexible arrangement allows you to work in the office whenever you want, not because you feel you have to.

Contract-Free Dedicated Desks Rental

Employees collaborating on a special project may only want to hire dedicated desks for a brief period. This can prove costly and problematic for companies signing up to companies that only offer dedicated desk rentals on fixed rates.

Why commit to long-term contracts if you only need dedicated desk space for the short-term. BluDesks offers flexible workspace so you can hire dedicated desks when you need them. You simply pay-as-you-go.