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The demand for flexible working hours, work-life balance and work-from-home policy hangovers following the Covid-19 pandemic has seen the growth of shared workspaces boom in recent years. We offer fully-serviced shared workspaces near your location which suit your budget and workplace requirements.

Find Shared Workspace Near You

Employees that prefer the freedom and autonomy of flexible working hours don’t always feel the full effect of the benefits it offers. If you employers rents office space miles from where you live, you have to build travel time into your day.

BluDesks provide a convenient and cost-effective solution by empowering customers to find a shared workspace London near you directly from your mobile phone. We have partnered with hundreds of shared office providers so you have the choice to work in multiple offices anywhere in the world.

Find Shared Workspace Near You
find a shared workspace London

Fully-Equipped Workspace Near You

Work from home policies offers employees the convenience and flexibility to work from anywhere you prefer. Without having to travel to the office you get more time for yourself and your family, and work in your favourite coffee shop whenever you want.

However, what happens when you need to use a printer or photocopier? Rather than travelling to the office, BluDesks gives you the opportunity to work in a shared workspace near you that is fully-equipped.

Cost-Effective Workspace Solutions

Despite the growing interest in fully-equipped coworking space, many workspace solutions still have limitations that restrict businesses. Fixed terms and hefty costs is a problem that can stifle a business and stunt your growth.

BluDesks has your best interests at heart so have developed a business model that works best for you. We rent office space on an hourly basis so you only pay for the space you book. This enables you to avoid paying for workspace you are not using.

Cost-Effective Workspace
Fully-Equipped Workspace Near You

We Help Your Employees Grow Too

Flexible working gives employees the opportunity to ramp up productivity and hit targeted goals. This not only helps to build their confidence but gives them a platform to impress top bosses - and possibly earn their bonus.

However, companies that rent shared office space in a single location aren’t giving all their employees a level playing field to benefit from flexible working and have access to a fully-equipped office. With BluDesks your employees can work from any location that is most convenient for them without increasing your expenses or eating into their productivity time.

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