Refer-a-friend. Earn Free Credits.

BluDesks respects and values your loyalty. To prove this, we want to reward you for telling your friends and colleagues about our services. Every time you refer us to other co-working space users, we will give you 25 reward points worth £25 in booking credits. That’s £25 every time you refer-a-friend to BluDesks. Collecting your reward points is easy as well. When you sign up for a BluDesks one-pass membership, you are automatically enrolled in our referral programme.

All you have to do is to tell your friends and colleagues abour BluDesks and get them join the network. So, when you tell your friends about us, simply invite them to join us from your member dashboard. Once their booking spend reaches £250, we’ll top up your account with reward points. Because we already have your data in our system, we can automatically update your account with reward points.

You can redeem the booking credits whenever you like, so start telling your friends and colleagues about BluDesks today and save yourself some money to spend on something special - because you do deserve something special!

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