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Add your personal touch to dedicated desks


Custom Build Your Own Workspace
Add your personal touch to dedicated desks
Why Use Customised Workspaces?

Creating a personalised workspace has been shown to contribute towards positive cognitive performance and healthy states of mind. If you perform to your maximum potential when you’re in familiar surroundings, take advantage of our customised workspace for hire and create a little piece of the world you can call your own.

Why Use Customised Workspaces?

Many introverted employees feel more comfortable in spaces they are accustomed to working in. Customised workspace has been shown to improve efficiency and can have a positive impact on performance, productivity and concentration.

Research shows personalised desks gives employees a sense of control and enables them to handle distractions easier. If you’re renting shared office space, you can still encourage your employees to personalise dedicated desks if it helps them maximise their potential.

Why Use Customised Workspaces?
Customised Workspaces Near you

Find Customised Workspaces Near you

Whilst shared office space and Work-From-Home policies offer plenty of benefits to both employers and employees, sharing desk space with floating colleagues and strangers does not suit everybody.

BluDesks provide a solution by offering dedicated desks you can transform into a customised workspace. What’s more, we have partnered with thousands of business centres so you can easily find a local customised workspace near you no matter where you are in the world.

Affordable Customised Workspace for Hire

Even though you may prefer to work in a customised workspace near you, BluDesks also appreciate you don’t want to pay for office space when you are not using it - like when you choose to work from home or take a vacation.

Most commercial offices offer coworking space at fixed rates. That means you still pay for the workspace you are not using. BluDesks give you the flexibility to hire customised workspace by the hour - so you only pay for the time you book.

Affordable Customised Workspace London
hire customised workspace by the hour

The Easiest Way To Hire Local Customised Workspace

BluDesks makes finding local customised workspace simple and convenient. We appreciate that some people prefer to work in clutter-free surroundings they are familiar with and feel comfortable in, yet still have the convenience of significantly reducing the time it takes to travel to and from work.

The shared office spaces advertised on our website are also fully-appointed with facilities and equipment you would expect from a professional working environment. Take advantage of our Personal Membership Pass and book a local customised workspace near you today.

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