Shared office space has revolutionised how small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers spend your days and grow your business. Whilst hot-desking has become a popular option, there are circumstances when a dedicated desk is more appropriate and convenient.

Perhaps you have equipment that you need for your job but it is not practical to carry around with you. Or may be, team members need to share files or reference materials. When the things you need to do your job are kept in a designated spot it’s more convenient and easier for everyone to get on with their work.

Freelancers or team members that are collaborating on a project will also benefit from renting fixed desk space rather than having to sit at the opposite end of the office because desks next to one another are not available. Having a fixed desk also means you can leave equipment where you can find it.

Dedicated desks are also ideal if you feel more motivated in a personalised workspace. If photos of your family or thought-provoking images on your desk inspire you to be more creative and productive, a dedicated desk allows you to create a personal space that enables you to thrive.

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