If you’re more comfortable and productive working from familiar surroundings, we have thousands of fixed desks you can call your working-home. We appreciate the constant moving around associated with hotdesking is not for everyone!

The option of a fixed desk enables you to settle into your new work space and generate momentum quickly. Sitting next to the same people every day also helps to build strong bonds with other shared office users. 

Fixed desks make complete sense for employees of a company that rent office space. It’s important for you to be close to one another for convenience purposes and for creating a company culture. 

Recent studies have also shown that fixed desks are becoming more popular with freelancers and entrepreneurs. Working from the same space every day benefits our mental wellbeing because the senses are not overwhelmed from taking in new information from different surroundings every day. 

Self-employed workers that require special tools or have a lot of equipment also benefit from a fixed desk. Being able to store your essentials in one place without having to carry them to and from the office every day makes it easier for you to get around and gives you more freedom to do what you want after work. 

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