Business owners and freelancers are not always able to fully commit to long-term contracts or an expensive office lease. With, you have the freedom and flexibility to rent hot desks as and when you need them. You do not have to commit to a contractual agreement and only pay for desk space when you use it.

What's more, a membership pass gives you the opportunity to work in any number of coworking spaces around the world - with a single pass. That means you only have to go through the registration process once but still have access to thousands of hot desks in hundreds of cities worldwide. BluDesks is the perfect solution for digital nomads.

Being surrounded by other hardworking professionals in an office environment also gives you that all-important boost of motivation when you start feeling sluggish. Not only that but you also have access to all the amenities you expect from a fully-functioning office.

Whilst there is a great sense of satisfaction working for yourself and developing your own business, it can be a lonely occupation. Hot-desking gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, connect with other professionals and leaves you feeling happy, energised and socially active.

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