Dynamic Hybrid Workspace Solutions

Hybrid Work Environment
Smart Solutions For SMEs and Large Corporations

Dynamic Hybrid Workspace Solutions

Forward-thinking companies always look for opportunities to grow. With modern technologies and flexible working trends, SMEs and large corporations can optimize office space utilization and free up cash flow by adopting a hybrid work environment.

BluDesks provides dynamic hybrid workspace solutions with cost-effective co-working spaces that enable you to manage your outflow and plan for future growth with confidence. If your future is hybrid working, we can help you to implement hybrid workspace solutions that foster growth.

Cost-Effective Co-Working Facilities

Companies adopting a hybrid work environment see substantial reduction in overheads associated with office costs. Co-working spaces help you cut costs without compromising employee workplace welfare and facilities.

It makes no sense to pay for facilities you don’t use. But you need to be prepared for peak demands. BluDesks’ pay-as-you-go workspace model provides you the right solution for both scenarios.

Book high-quality, fully equipped co-working spaces, private offices and meeting rooms throughout the UK and beyond - all of which are available on-demand from one-hour upwards.

Flexible Contracts

Unlike most co-working environments BluDesks do not bind you to annual contracts. Our Plug’n Play business model makes it easy for SMEs and enterprises to switch to a hybrid model without committing funds to long-term contracts you might not want to see out.

We have multiple locations that provide ad-hoc space on demand, making it convenient for your employees to find meeting rooms and hot desks wherever they are in the city. And if you find a hybrid work environment is not working for you, you can easily convert back to a traditional or flexible office environment without losing money.

Hybrid Workspace Solutions for Enterprises

Hybrid working solutions should be convenient, time-efficient and easy to manage. With the BluDesks dedicated Facility Managers’ Portal (FMP), you can manage your hybrid work environment from a central database that is managed by authorised personnel you choose to appoint.

Our FMP is designed to facilitate corporate governance and includes easy-to-use and tracking features for Facility Management, HR and Finance teams together with various payment options and much more.

Future is BluDesks Hybrid Working Solutions

The benefits of hybrid working with BluDesks solutions not only help your business make remote working a more convenient and pleasant experience for your employees, also make substantial office overheads savings and reduce your carbon footprint. Call Us to Get More Details on +44 20 3745 3743.

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