Choosing local flexible workspaces to enhance social distancing measures

Date: Tue Jun 2 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

With the many restrictions on movement being gradually lifted, it has led to many employers and employees alike, to start the process of returning to work, albeit in a different way than was ever experienced pre-Covid.

Long before the Coronavirus outbreak, the strain on the country’s transport infrastructure was a daily bugbear for city workers, with the pressure to attend work or meetings on time extremely difficult.

Many workers faced a cattle-like train journey, or standstill roads driving to hot and overcrowded offices, their daily unpleasant reality.

During periods of lockdown or self-isolation, many of these same workers have begun to question what was, as they have seen that home working is indeed largely possible, with a much better quality of life experienced, albeit without the normal freedoms.

This is where more local, flexible workspaces have become an option avidly explored, after all, surely this is a better option if it increases staff productivity while enhancing a post-Covid work/life balance?

In fact, the trend for using flexible workspaces was already rapidly on the rise before Covid-19, but they now seem like a very favourable option.

This is not least, because workers can guarantee their space, and easily maintain social distancing measures in office space managers fully in control of access control and users/ Sq. Metre.

Unlike a coffee shop, café or bar these dedicated business centres have fully bookable, customised spaces with all the modern digital amenities required by workers, with exceptional hygiene and social distancing measures being properly maintained.

Being local to the user’s home address, means a much shorter journey, or even walk or cycle ride. Less stress, less pollution and greater peace of mind regarding risk of catching Covid-19, or any other infectious agent for that matter.

At Bludesks, we’re dedicated to helping commerce change to the many new paradigms post-Covid, helping both employers and employees, contractors and home office workers to get the best out of all worlds.

We became aware of the many downsides of commuting long distances and overcrowded workplaces at the outset of our business.

Even if Covid-19 had not come along, we think there was bound to be a flash-point at some time as the infrastructure situation continued to deteriorate.

We are now actively recruiting new centre partners, to enable our members the maximum choice of locations and facilities that are local to where they call home.

Our vision is to cover the world with these high quality centres, so you’re only a browse of our app, or a call away from a centre that can be fully booked in a matter of seconds.

If you have a building you love visiting for business in mind, that you think should be within the Bludesks partner network, then simply call or send us a message to let us know about them, as well as a contact name there if you have one.

As with all of our existing partners, our network of business centres across the globe are working together, along with industry bodies, to make the provision of more local flexible workspaces a reality, paving the way for a new era of both how, and where we choose to work.

Want to sign up to Bludesks as a potential space partner? Or as a member? Simply visit to find out more.