What Is Hot Desk and What Are the Benefits?

Date: Thu Mar 25 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Reimagining the traditional workspace

hot desking

Instead of committing to lengthy contracts that you are tied into for expensive office buildings, our hot desk rental gives you a cost effective and flexible alternative. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery, or a desk that is conveniently located, there will always be a hotdesk close by for you. Take a look at the new working ways of the future and see how our hot desk office space can be the perfect solution for your office needs.

What is Hot Desking?

Keeping up with the evolving workforce

what is a hot desk

The number of people using a hotdesk or working remotely are on the increase in recent years. It is an opportunity to reinvent the traditional idea of an office workplace, giving workers who would normally be remote working or home working the stability of a traditional work environment. It is quickly becoming the new normal. After the pandemic forced most of us to be working from home, businesses have realised that there is not much requirement for everyone to be commuting to the same office, therefore making hot desk rental look more appealing to a wider audience.

By taking one of the most expensive elements of running a business (office rental and the overheads it comes with) and turning it into a rental service, companies can maximise on their employee’s productivity. You no longer have to spend no time worrying about how to arrange desks to fit the space that you have. BlueDesks coworking offices do this for them. This leaves you and your business free to focus on your employees. Likewise, workers then get the tools and time to focus on the job and increase their productivity.

To put it simply, hot desk rental is renting a desk in a fully established office alongside other like-minded people. Unlike traditional offices, a hot desk office space consists of members and workers from all different trades and walks of life, resulting in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere that gives a real sense of community. BluDesks offers all the facilities that a normal office does, without being tied down. By using our one-time registration fee, you are free to explore hundreds of office spaces all over the world!

Who would use hot desk office space?

hot desk rental

Hot desking can be used by everyone, from single remote workers and freelancers right up to large companies who need a meeting space. Whilst the option is open to any professional who requires office space, hot desk rental usually attracts similar types of workers such as:

  • Consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Remote workers

Using a hotdesk is a flexible, cost effective solution to finding an office space. It can help workers to combat the isolation of working from home and allows you to network and socialise like you would not normally do. Hot desk rental is also a brilliant way for those who are self-employed and travelling to various locations for their work to be able to find and book a desk whilst travelling all over the country for when you need to plug in and focus or meet with customers on a professional basis. No more video calls for clients who live far away!

Hot desk rental in a coworking space can also help growing companies. Imagine if you found your perfect employee but they lived too far away to commute? BluDesks offers the perfect solution with their hotdesk option. Your new employee can work remotely in an office environment without being at home with distractions or relocating.

What are the benefits?

hot desk benefits

Without doubt one of the top reasons to be using a hotdesk is the flexibility and freedom that comes with it. Some self-employed or freelancers don’t rigidly stick to the typical 9-5 so you can choose as and when you want to rent the desk, with monthly or hourly pricing. This means that you don’t overpay for how much you use, and you can work on your terms without worrying about costs.

Cost Effectiveness
It also comes in handy for those companies or are rapidly expanding, or downsizing. It allows you to take on more employees and use hot desk office space, without forking out for new office desks and chairs or upgrading to a larger office with a long lease. Hot desking has been shown to reduce the running costs of businesses by as much as 30%. With no overheads to be worrying about, and your employees happy and comfortable with their office space, you can focus on the more important things!

Opportunities to network
Being based outside of your company and the traditional office means that you interact and meet more people. By using a hotdesk, you can essentially help your business to grow by meeting people you never would have normally met. Enjoy socialising with like minded people from all different trades and discover ideas and inspirations that you never thought possible.

Communication and collaboration
When you choose to hotdesk, you have a different neighbour every day. Whether that be interacting with other departments from your own company, or someone completely new, the constant stream of new people really opens up opportunities, ideas and perspectives. Tell a coworker your new ideas over a coffee or meet potential new clients – the possibilities are endless!

Perks of the Office Spaces
Why pay for long contracts for basic needs? Our hot desk office spaces are all fully equipped with stylish and ergonomic office furniture, high speed internet and cool break out areas for when you need a timeout or catch up. As well as free coffees and a food delivery service option, what’s not to love!

Tidy space, tidy mind
The very nature of hot desk rental means that once you are finished using your desk, you leave it clear ready for the next person to use. Instead of cluttering up your desk by leaving papers, knick-knacks and personal items, you return each day to a clean and tidy workspace ready to start your day!

Keeping it Fresh
Release yourself from the monotony of returning to the same office desk (at home or at the head office!) and keep it fresh. Don’t fall into the same routine day in and day out – a hotdesk keeps you on your toes with a different desk, or even location if that takes your fancy!

With BluDesks offering hot desk office spaces all over the UK and even globally, you will not be far away from us! This means if you are travelling for work or working remotely you will always be close to pop in and use our facilities. This makes it the perfect solution wherever you are. BluDesks makes it easy and simple to find a hotdesk wherever you are. Download our app and enter your location to rent a hotdesk. This, plus our one-time registration fee means that you will never be caught short.

Hot Desking is more than just renting a desk for an hour. With BluDesks, you get a whole different experience. You get flexibility and low costs, with the use of a fully equipped office and stylish furniture, as well as access to top of the range facilities and full use of amenities. Take the edge off a monotonous office job and sign up for the future of office work now!

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Coworking Space in London?

Date: Thu Mar 25 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Revolutionise your workspace!

coworking spaces near me

The way that we work is changing dramatically, with the majority of people having to work from home in the last year, there has been little to no need for rented office spaces. With everyone allowed back to work soon, more and more people are looking at coworking spaces, where people from all different companies share an office space.

It is the perfect arrangement – a whole building full of professional, like-minded people that share the same space to keep costs down and allow flexible working arrangements without being tied into long contracts. With everyone from freelancers and remote workers to independent contractors and start-up companies, BluDesks have created spaces that work for you and your goals. So, if you are looking for “coworking spaces near me”, then look no further and see how BluDesks is transforming how we think of work and reimagining the modern workspace.

Who can use coworking spaces?

coworking space

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but literally anyone can make use of one of our coworking spaces. At one time, they were predominately used by entrepreneurs, freelancers and start up businesses but now our coworking space are used by professionals from all walks of life and different trades. There are break-out areas for when you need a time out, private offices, hot desks and meeting rooms; there is something for every type of worker out there.

  • New Businesses and start-ups – these are definitely still a large portion of people who use our coworking spaces in London, and all over the UK. It is a cost efficient way to scale up without being tied into fixed contracts and office upkeep.
  • Small Businesses – companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from using a coworking space, but small businesses in particular can reap the benefits of shared office space. Enjoy the perks of a modern office without worrying about the overheads.
  • Commuters – one of the banes of life is for those workers who have a long commute. A rise in those working from home due to the pandemic has shown that not everyone has to be based in the office all week. Those who live far away can spend the majority of the time in our shared coworking space, and only come into the office when necessary.
  • Remote workers – The same goes for those who are permanent remote workers. Take the edge off home working, and the distractions that come with it, and enjoy the buzz and atmosphere of an office!
  • Freelancers – Whilst it’s good that freelancers can set their own times, work from home and be their own boss, sometimes it can be a bit boring and lonely. Many freelancers have chosen to start using a coworking space to have a professional working environment to give themselves a boost.
  • Meetings – for larger businesses that don’t have appropriate meeting rooms, or are tired of video conferencing, all of our offices are spacious, fully equipped and conveniently located for you to book out for all of your meetings and discussions.

How much does it cost to rent a coworking space in London?

coworking space london

One of the biggest attractions of coworking space London is to keep the costs down and allow flexible working arrangements. We offer two types of membership, one for those who are working alone and a corporate membership for larger teams looking for a coworking space for remote workers all over the country.

Personal Memberships
For those who are working on their own, whether it be a start-up company, freelancer or a remote worker, our pay as you go membership is the perfect option. All you have to do is sign up and download the BluDesks mobile app, search ‘coworking space near me’ to find the closest offices, pay for the booking and then turn up on the day! When you first join, you get a personal membership pass free for the whole year, and after that it is only a £25 annual fee.

Corporate Membership
By choosing a BluDesks corporate membership, you can let your employees choose where they work from and when – there really is nothing more flexible. It could be that they work partly from home, a couple of days at BluDesks, and as and when they are required, they can work from the main office! It really is as simple as that. As a corporate member you can choose which employees have access to our coworking spaces in London and even globally for those who are looking to expand.

8 reasons why you should use a coworking space:

coworking spaces

If you aren’t already signing up to come and check out our office, we’ve put together a list of reasons why BluDesks coworking spaces are your perfect workplace solution.

  • There is a sense of community and collaboration – instead of being in the same place, or working from home, you’re able to be around people doing all kinds of different work and trades. By using our coworking space it means that you can socialise and even be inspired by people you never would have met.
  • There are a lot of perks that come with the coworking space –Our business centres are fantastically equipped with hi-speed internet, ergonomic office furniture and cool break areas to take some time out. You can also enjoy food services and loyalty rewards – the list is endless!
  • More flexibility – you can choose where and when you want to work, from working through the day to popping in for the evening, our offices suit you and your needs.
  • Our coworking space can suit any size of company, from one person start-ups or freelancers to larger teams who need a space to meet and collaborate.
  • There are networking opportunities – here, you can surround yourself with goal-oriented and like-minded people, and our spaces expose you to different people you would not have had the chance to meet previously.
  • Convenient locations – with our coworking spaces in London and globally, you are sure to find a location nearby. Just head to the app to find your nearest space and book for a hassle-free transaction.
  • It has been shown to have an increase in productivity – if you normally work alone then you will have the atmosphere of the office, no home distractions and lots of people who have motivated themselves, which will boost your productivity and creativity.
  • Cost-efficiency – why pay for an office space that you are not using properly? Grow your business without being tied into long term contracts and spending money on rent and overheads.
  • Covid Safe – take the pressure and worry off your shoulders of making sure that your work environment is safe and sanitised. All our offices are covid compliant, and means that you can focus on your work rather than cleaning!

By using a coworking space, you can help yourself or your employees get out of the mundane corporate bubble. You are exposed to new ideas and people, whilst in the comfort of fully equipped and stylish offices. As a company, you can bring remote workers together in one place to brainstorm, boost productivity and meet clients in a buzzing and thriving office. BluDesks is a flexible and cost-efficient way with no commitments – reimagine your new normal!

Hybrid to ‘Tribrid’ Flexible Working – What Does it Mean?

Date: Tue Mar 23 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation lately about what our new normal in terms of working will look like, as we begin to come out of lockdown and employees and employers alike consider what their wants and needs look like in a post-lockdown world.

But what is a tribrid working model and how does it work?

The term tribrid refers to there being 3 options within the working model, working from home, working from flexible workspace near home, and lastly working from the head office as would have been much more the norm in pre-Covid times.

The 3 option working model has come about due to a number of factors, not least the fact that many workers welcome the flexibility and much reduced commuting times during the last 12 months.

For employers, it’s not all been bad as they have seen that work and productivity can actually increase or at the very least, stay at the same level where employees work from home.

Big names like Unilever, BP, Marks and Spencer and Apple have all come out in favour of a potential tribrid working structure in future months.
M&S is seeking to convert the upper levels of its Marble Arch store on Oxford Street as part of a wider redevelopment of the site and then lease it to City tenants.

Even British Airways is currently considering the sale of its headquarters near Heathrow as employees have readily adopted to remote working and the ways of working have proven to be effective over the period of the pandemic.

BA commented in a recent statement, “The global pandemic has shown us that many of our colleagues enjoy working remotely and want to continue, and this has accelerated our approach to offering more agile and flexible ways of working,”

“Our aim is to find a hybrid working model that suits our business, blending the best of office and remote working for our people.

“We’ve also re-structured our business to emerge from the crisis and are considering whether we still have the need for such a large headquarters building.”

Although there are many voices in favour of a future of tribrid working, there are still notes of concern that we need to balance the benefits and efficiency of remote working with that of being present in an office with colleagues in-person.

Speaking to People magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that while he thinks Apple will become more accepting of remote work, he also believes getting people together in the physical sense is important, at least for some of the things his company does.

Cook stated, “My gut says that, for us, it’s still very important to physically be in touch with one another because collaboration isn’t always a planned activity.”

So for tribrid working to be successful, businesses may need to consider the percentages given to each option, for example, a given number of days per week that employees are expected in the office, then the rest at their own discretion, where they can choose to either work at home or in a local business centre.

Chelliah Nakeeran, CEO and founder of workspace booking platform Bludesks.com commented, “It’s becoming obvious that the future will see a huge difference in what is considered the ‘norm’ for how we all work. We see the tribrid working model as one that offers both employers and employees the best possible solution, where the needs and wants of both parties can be fully satisfied. Of course, there are many fine details for this arrangement to work, but the trend is growing rapid momentum as we come out of lockdown and as so many major brands reveal their future plans.”

The positive effects of hybrid or tribrid working also extend towards the environment, as with less traffic and congestion on the roads, there are less airborne pollutants, which is a concern for both the public and for businesses as we look to reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses and global warming.

So naturally, environmental groups and lobbyists are also keen to see a continuation of remote working in the future as we come out of lockdown.

Global Workplace Analytics recently estimated that remote workers could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 54 million tons every year – and that’s just if people worked out of the office for only half of the working week.

So it would appear to be obvious that reducing the sometimes long commutes into head offices that are often situated in dense city areas, will only have positive benefits for the environment as a valuable bi-product of remote working.

BluDesks have been aware of the need to therefore provide flexible workspaces nearer to the home locations of workers as a key part of the strategy to enable greater remote working options to workers, without the need for extensive travel.

Chelliah, further comments, “We know from our research and from the many voices coming from industry that the tribrid working model relies on having these workspace options nearer to where workers live, so that they have realistic choices of working outside of home, without long journeys necessary.

BluDesks has been adding ‘local option’ workspace options across the globe, to provide a readily accessible network of workspaces that can be used on a flexible Pay-as-you-go basis, giving that essential third option over head office or home office.”

It would appear that the third leg of working in professional workspaces nearer to home is a good option for many as we are probably all aware that home working has its serious flaws on occasion.

Not least the potential for distraction from pets or kids, workmen in neighbours’ properties and the ever-present delivery drivers knocking on front doors up and down the country.

Another aspect is connectivity, where the home broadband, although ok for general browsing or listening to music, lets down when it comes to supporting Teams meetings and other bandwidth heavy applications.

These limitations have been the driving force for many to seek a change and the search for local business centres.

Martin, an IT recruitment manager states, “Although it’s (working from home) been great for the flexibility and managing childcare, I’ve struggled at times as my home doesn’t have the space and there’s my partner trying to work too. I’m definitely looking for other options if this is looking like a more long-term thing.”

Are there any downsides to the tribrid working model? Some have raised concerns that giving too much scope for flexible working may lead to a loss of control at corporate level, and a danger of loss of productivity.

Bosses have also considered what they see as the potential additional expense of booking workspaces for employees as an additional expense, when they have already signed long-term property leases on city centre head offices.

As with all new working paradigms, there are many aspects that will not suit everybody and some compromise is more than likely to make the tribrid working model work.

But looking at the strategic choices of so many major brands, it looks like the drive for a longer-term flexible working model, hybrid or tribrid, is likely to gather further momentum over the coming months.