Feeling Lonely And Isolated Working From Home?

Date: Tue Feb 22 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Working from home has been called “a recipe for loneliness”. Several studies reveal that feeling lonely and isolated can have a negative impact on mental, physical and emotional health.

Mind.org notes that some studies have shown that losing the social contact you had in the workplace can harm your mental health. When people feel isolated, they feel lonely which plays into their state of mind. 

People that don’t feel part of a group or that they belong, are most prone to developing mental disorders. At the very least, people don’t feel the relationship with their colleague has any meaning – and that can disrupt the rapport and harmony among colleagues. 

During the lockdown, reports of waning mental health reached a peak. And researchers think the estimates are conservative. The most common disorders of loneliness are anxiety, insomnia, digestive problem and symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Loneliness could even lead to depression which will make you become even more isolated because you don’t have the motivation to go out and socialise with your friends. 

One study published by Brigham Young University showed that a lack of social connection also increases health risks in smokers – because they use more cigarettes – and can also lead to alcohol abuse. 

Company makes you more creative

People are more creative when they interact. Even a casual chat around the water cooler can trigger a spark of inspiration or stroke your emotional wellbeing. 

Who can forget Marissa Mayer recalling remote workers back to the Yahoo office because she believed the small interactions colleagues have can lead to the biggest ideas. If you want innovation, you need interaction. 

Multiple studies show that when people get together they are more creative because they inspire one another. But creatively works best when employees are given the flexibility to collaborate with colleagues and be given alone time to process.

There is little doubt that creativity in the workplace leads to positive outcomes, increased job satisfaction, less absenteeism and better talent retention. 

Co-working spaces and meeting rooms

Companies that have taken the decision to work remotely should take advantage of co-working spaces to bring your team together. Because you can rent flexible co-working spaces and meeting rooms by the hour, you can manage your budget and your time more effectively. 

With BluDesks, you’re not limited to one location either. We have co-working offices all over London (the world actually) and don’t tie you into long-term contracts. 

We find that modern businesses prefer flexible arrangements because it allows their employees to meet up and collaborate where and when they like. Some people use our services just to hang out with their workmates to prevent feeling lonely and isolated. 

With the growing focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, co-working spaces provide businesses of all sizes with a cost-effective opportunity to show your employees how much you care and appreciate them. 

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