All You Need To Know About Shared Workspaces

Date: Thu Jul 28 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Shared workspaces are dynamic offices that can either be used by a single firm or multiple companies and professionals.

For example, a large corporation might rent out an entire floor where employees can collaborate. Another floor may be shared by two businesses and a smattering of freelancers whilst another may be entirely occupied by freelancers taking advantage of hotdesks.

Suffice it to say that shared workspaces are an attractive solution for companies and individuals that need access to office amenities and enjoy working in vibrant environments.

The Benefits of Shared Workspace

Cost Savings

The costs involved with setting up and maintaining a fully functional office are drastically lower in shared workspaces. You can manage costs even better with the hourly pay-as-you-use service we offer at BluDesks.

Access to Amenities and Services

Businesses that take advantage of shared workspaces automatically get access to a plethora of services whenever they need them. From getting a printout at 1am to setting up arrangements for a conference the next day, everything is taken care of for you.
In addition to all the amenities you would expect from a fully-functioning office, you will also find co-working spaces with kitchens, chill-out areas, telephone answering services and useful business events such as lectures, etc.

Crisis Management

When you rent shared offices, you are not responsible for the maintenance of the building. In the event of a crisis, solutions are organised by the management team of the co-working space provider.

Managing crises such as internet outages, burst pipes, broken ventilation systems etc are also paid for by the building owners at no extra cost to the inhabitants – effectively saving you time and money.

Enhanced Productivity and Flexibility

Shared workspaces are bustling arenas where you will most likely be surrounded by other talented and experienced professionals. Working in dynamic environments is shown to energise workers and increase productivity levels.

Renting shared workspaces with BluDesks also gives you greater flexibility to work from locations that are most convenient for you. We have teamed up with hundreds of co-working spaces across the UK enabling you to access multiple shared workspaces near you.

Increased Connections

A shared workspace often means working beside employees from multiple companies. This provides you with opportunities to connect with other people, expand your business network and grow your business.

Where can I find the best coworking space provider in the UK?

If you are looking for a suitable coworking space in London, sign-up for a BluDesks membership today. We have multiple options to choose from with a single login.

Our simplified registration process enables organisations and individuals to find shared workspaces and hotdesks easily – saving you more time to get on with your work.

And with our pay-as-you-use booking system, you can book co-working space and meeting rooms for as little as £2 an hour. This gives you more options to work from anywhere and manage your budget.

Cool-Off In Air-Conditioned Coworking Spaces

Date: Mon Jul 25 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

You may have a cool job that enables you to work from home, but do you have a cool home where you can work without melting?

The fact of the matter is that the UK is not prepared for heat waves. With temperatures reaching between 38 and 40 degrees celsius, working from home without air-conditioning is unbearable.

The UK’s biggest commercial radio brand, say that employers have an obligation to ensure their employees are working in a “reasonable environment, adding:

“While most offices have air-con to keep you cool while you’re working, people working from home are often stuck suffering in the blistering weather, especially if they live in a poorly ventilated house.”

If you’re a freelancer, or work-from-home employee struggling to focus on your work due to in the blazing heat, why not take advantage of the air-conditioned offices available in hundreds of coworking spaces across the UK.

Cool Office Space

In recent years, coworking spaces have evolved to accommodate freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate companies under the same roof. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, shared spaces were obligated to install proper ventilation and air ducts that do not recirculate air.

As a result, the majority of coworking spaces throughout the UK have air-conditioning which is deemed safe by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

Affordable Coworking Spaces

BluDesks has an impressive property portfolio of coworking spaces all over the UK. Our pay-as-you-use business model means you can book space at times that suit you. And with hundreds of coworking spaces available for as little as £2 an hour, you have instant access to multiple coworking spaces that give you more control over your budget.

Fully-Equipped Offices

Coworking spaces are equipped with facilities you would expect in any fully-functioning office – scanners, photocopiers, TV/audio equipment etc. This includes access to meeting rooms and, of course, air conditioning. Offices with modern designs even have kitchenettes and chill-out zones.

Convenient Location

Finding a coworking space near you is simple with BluDesks. We have teamed up with hundreds of coworking spaces throughout the UK – so you can find and book a selection of conveniently located hot desks and meeting rooms without having to commute into the office.

Hotspots For Growth

Coworking offices provide a space for a diverse range of professionals to congregate and meet new people. As a result, shared office spaces are potential hotspots that enable freelancers, start-ups and SMEs to expand their networks and grow their businesses.

Upscale Work Environments

BluDesks make it easy for professionals to find a cool place to work. With a single login, you have access to hundreds of plush coworking offices all over the UK. If your home is too hot to focus on your work, sign-up today and finds an air-conditioned office or meeting room near you to cool off.

Don’t Overpay For Coworking Spaces in London

Date: Tue Jul 19 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Coworking spaces in London can provide a lot of solutions to a lot of companies. However, before you rush into an agreement with a coworking space, survey your options.

Not all coworking space contracts in London will offer you the right solution!

Coworking spaces provide many benefits including convenience, dynamic environments in fully-functioning offices, access to private offices and meeting rooms plus much more.

But the biggest draw for most companies is that coworking spaces are cost-effective. Unlike traditional office contracts that are signed for an average of six years, coworking space agreements are typically short-term, 1 or 2 years at a time.

This means that renting coworking space has less financial risk than traditional office leases and enables you to be more flexible in your shop-term planning. You also pay fixed costs so there are no unexpected and unplanned costs such as fluctuating energy bills and maintenance costs.

Some coworking space agreements also mean you will avoid having to pay for the full term of a contract if you leave the premises before the contract expires.

However, not all coworking space agreements offer any flexibility on the condition of the contract. As a matter of fact, most coworking spaces in London tie you into fixed-term contracts – which can be pretty costly, and force you to pay for services you do not need.

Of course, the type of contract that best suits you depends on the nature of your business. Some business leaders prefer long-term leases that give you stability over agility.

Most businesses, especially fledging businesses and start-ups, will benefit more from flexible contracts.

Benefits of Flexible Coworking Space in London

With BluDesks, coworking space in London offers you all the flexibility you need – which makes managing office facilities cost-effective. You only pay for the office space you want – when you need it.

In the absence of a rolling contract, you are not tied to fixed terms. This means you are not paying for space that is not being used. Let’s say, for example, you rent a private office that is large enough for 20 employees. But you only have 15 employees.

With these types of coworking space agreements, you are paid for the space regardless of the number of people occurring in the office. That means you are overpaying for space you are not using.

With BluDesks, you can rent hot desks and private offices for each individual. That means you are only paying for the space you are using. And with coworking spaces for as little as £2 per hour, our pay-as-you-use service gives you more control over your outgoing costs.

Moreover, you have access to thousands of flexible workplaces and offices all over the world with a single-member pass and a one-time registration process. Finding coworking spaces and meeting rooms with BluDesks is simple, cost-effective and time-efficient.

How Coworking Spaces In Satellite Towns Improve ESG

Date: Tue Jul 12 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

In times of growing concern around environmental damage and the rising cost of energy, business leaders should be considering the impact of Energy, Social and Governance scores (ESG).

Reporting on ESG is a way for governments, investors, consumers and employees to measure corporate responsibility and CO2 emissions. A key benefit of ESG is that it can help drive business growth.

On the flip side, it can ESG scores will have a significant impact on business continuity. Investors already assess the financial implications a low ESG score will have on a business.

Deloitte report that companies with the strongest ESG scores influence decision-making in the financial sector in terms of long-term investments. PwC also reports that 83% of consumers believe companies should be actively addressing ESG scores.

Despite the financial incentives at stake, numerous businesses feel hamstrung. In many cases, they do not have the financial resources to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising productivity that creates existing revenue streams.

Inflation, and the impending recession, also make it difficult for businesses to make realistic financial decisions that will improve ESG ratings. The government’s renewable energy solutions don’t provide a tangible return on investment over the short-term.

Coworking Spaces Help Businesses Cut Costs

Whilst ESG promises financial incentives, business leaders are faced with the prospect of shelling out over £10,000 to install a renewable energy system. Businesses with a high power demand are looking at an initial layout of between £30,000-£40,000.

At the lower end of the scale, the UK’s renewableenergyhub estimates the average annual savings are estimated to be around £1884. That means the minimum return on investment won’t be seen for the biggest part of a decade. And probably more for most companies.

The down payment to switch energy suppliers is a significant slice of your investment pie. Boards that are unable to invest in their business growth remain stagnant.

Renting coworking spaces can help businesses to save on having to invest in a renewable energy system. Not only that, coworking spaces reduce your overall utility payments and improve your ESG score. Especially if your employees take advantage of ad-hoc facilities in satellite towns.

Reduce Environmental Damage

A key measurement of ESG is focused on environmental damage. This takes into account how much accumulative electricity and fossil fuels your business uses. That includes utilities and the amount of fuel your employees use commuting to and from the office.

The more energy-efficient your business is across the board, the higher your ESG score will be. Renting coworking spaces not only helps you to reduce the amount of electricity and water you consume, but also reduces the amount of CO2 your employees emit into the environment.

BluDesks take energy efficiency one step further. We rent office space, private offices and meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis. This means you are only responsible for the electricity you use when you are using the facilities. This helps you to record a lower rate of energy usage.

Not only that, we provide you with access to multiple coworking spaces and meeting rooms all over the city you live. This gives your employees easy access to affordable coworking space whenever they need it

Coworking Spaces Could Help The Wage Increments Challenge

Date: Tue Jul 5 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

As employees feel the pinch of inflation, CXO’s and HR managers may face several difficult conversations in the coming weeks. Trading rented office space for flexible coworking facilities can help to free up cash and keep your workers happy.

An increase in living costs, sky-rocketing fuel and energy prices together with tax hikes has devastated the income of families all over the UK. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that 9 in 10 adults say their living costs have increased whilst 23% report they are struggling to pay typical household bills.

Low-income families naturally spend a larger proportion of their earnings on food and energy. Living costs have leapt by 9% whilst wage increases averaged 4.1% – less than half the rate of inflation.

Business leaders are bracing themselves for an influx of employees asking for pay rises or other types of benefits. But with a potential dip in revenue, making ends meet and keeping your employees happy may require decisive action.

To cut costs.

Coworking Spaces Cut Costs

Bloomberg reports that one in five UK workers expect to leave their job in the next year in search of better pay and more job satisfaction. Replacing employees is more costly for businesses that retain a trained and experienced member of their workforce.

It is estimated that the cost of replacing employees is between 6-9 months of the employee’s annual salary. That takes into account the loss of productivity, training expenses and the cost of recruitment.

A key part of retaining your best employees is how well you compensate them. Depending on their age, some employees will look for other opportunities if they do not feel respected or if they’re not permitted to work from home.

The ONS reports that 80% of UK workers would prefer their employer to adopt a hybrid model. This gives them the opportunity to work from home for part of the week and in the office for part of the week.

Hybrid working fulfils the needs of employees and has numerous benefits for employers also. In fact, it ticks so many boxes that the hybrid model is expected to be adopted by 84% of UK firms.

Rent Coworking Spaces with BluDesks

Renting coworking space with BluDesks gives you the flexibility to facilitate a hybrid working model and significantly cut the cost associated with renting office space.

With a single login, you have access to hundreds of coworking spaces in London and all over the country. Actually the world. Moreover, our pay-as-you-go model means you only pay for the space you use – enabling you to manage your costs. For example, if you only need a meeting room for one hour, you only pay for the hour.

The coworking spaces available give your teams more flexibility to work where they want and save money on travel and food. Whilst these costs savings may still need to be supplemented with wage increments, BluDesks provide you with a solution that enables you to reinvigorate your financial resources and keep your employees happy.