Top 5 Tips to keep co-workers happy

Date: Mon May 31 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

If you haven’t already heard, coworking office space is the new trend for professionals and businesses alike. The pandemic has highlighted that it is easy to adapt to new and different work environments and has shown that not everybody needs to be in the same office to keep productivity up. Using a coworking space means that companies do not need to spend a lot on leases or building upkeep and they don’t need to worry about long term commitments, so it is easy to see why they have become more popular.

Why do people thrive in coworking spaces?

It is becoming clearer that people who use a coworking office space are thriving, meaning more and more people are opting to use shared office space instead of traditional offices. But why are people becoming more productive? We’ve taken a look at the top reasons why people are flourishing when renting coworking office space.

  • Sense of community – by using a coworking office space, remote or home workers are finding that they have a real sense of community by working alongside other professionals. This then leads to pride in their work which in turn increases their productivity. By being around like minded professionals people become more motivated and efficient.

  • Creative collaborations – by being around a whole host of different people and trades that you wouldn’t normally be around, people are finding themselves more inspired than ever before. You might get a chance to meet and work with people that you never would have found if you were working in a traditional office, but with a coworking space, the possibilities are endless.

  • Flexibility – some people work better alone, and others in a group. Some people work better in the morning whilst others find themselves more productive at night. The beauty of a coworking office space means that you can be as flexible as you want with your office environment – and you only pay for what you need. If you are a freelancer who only needs a desk for a couple of hours, then that is all you will pay for. If you need an office space closer to a customer, then you will easily be able to find one. The possibilities are endless and by taking the pressure off you or your workers, you will find that people will focus on their work and increase productivity.

Whatever your reason for using a coworking space, whether it’s the atmosphere of an office for home workers or an excuse to network with like minded individuals, then you need to make sure that you find the right office to suit your needs.

Top 5 Tips to keep co-workers happy

If you are renting out your offices to co-workers in a shared office environment, then we have put together some tips to make sure that they stay happy and keep coming back.

  • Noise level

    When people are opening up their apps and searching for ‘coworking spaces near me’ they want somewhere that ticks all the boxes. It is something that might not be top of their list, but no one wants to be working where noise levels are so loud that they can’t concentrate and put all their focus into their work. In order to make sure that it is kept as level as possible, there are a few ways in which you can make sure that noise levels are kept to a minimum.

    • Have dedicated meeting spaces for when people need to discuss without disturbing others.

    • The layout of the office – make sure that breakout areas and canteens are not too close to the desks and coworking space.

    • Plants – it sounds funny but simply adding plants can help with noise levels! They help to block high-frequency notices and help to reduce sounds, as well as adding a more natural atmosphere.

    • Soft furnishings and carpets – whilst trendy bare floors and walls might be in at the moment, by having carpets, acoustic fabric screens and sofas in your coworking office space means that some of the noise is simply absorbed.

  • Tidy

    Keeping your coworking office space tidy is a big must – no one wants to turn up to a cluttered or dirty desk first thing in the morning! Whilst it is an unwritten rule that people clean their desks at the end of every day, it might be worth putting up posters and making sure that you have someone to clean every evening to make sure that this rule is enforced. You will also want to make sure that the ace is not cluttered, everything needs to have it’s own place and be easily accessible for those who are renting desks with you.

    Coworking Space

  • Lighting

    A well-lit coworking office space can make all the difference to how someone works, and it could be the reason that they keep coming back to you. Natural office lighting goes a long way when you are spending a full day somewhere. Big, large windows are an added bonus as they allow natural light to do most of the work. Natural light releases endorphins and while it’s not as much as 15 minutes on the treadmill, it can help people feel more energised and create a much nicer working atmosphere. If you do not have large windows in your coworking office space, make sure that you invest in good office lighting with brighter and energy efficient bulbs so that co-workers can be more alert, focused and creative.

    Coworking Space For Rent

  • Quiet rooms

    Even when you have done your best with keeping the noise levels to a minimum with layout and office décor, there will be times when people need private and dedicated quiet rooms. Whether they are discussing sensitive data, or they really need to get their head down for upcoming deadlines, it is important that the coworking space they choose has quiet rooms. Many people who are looking for “coworking office space near me” specifically for quiet rooms have reported that they either can’t find one, or the quiet room isn’t very quiet! If this is the case, it might be good to invest in sound proofing your quiet room or adding small ‘phone booth’ style quiet rooms in a specific section of the coworking space to make sure that everyone who rents a desk is happy with the service.

    Coworking Space

  • Ergonomic office furniture

    As desks are being used by different people every day, it can be difficult to make sure that everyone has the right office equipment. One style does not fit all, and so it is important that your coworking space appeals to everyone who is renting a desk there. Having a variety of different spaces and areas with different furniture and styles means that people can choose the best place to sit. You can include soft seating, task chairs, bench desking or focus booths to make sure that you cover all bases. It is important that a coworking office space has choice, and lots of it!

    You are creating a coworking space that needs to appeal to a lot of different employees and personalities. Not everyone will like the same things, so by making sure you have variety and choice you can ensure that people will keep coming back.

    Renting Coworking Space

New Board appointments for BluDesks

Date: Thu May 13 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

BluDesks, the online flexible workspace booking platform, have recently announced two new appointments as the brand plans expansion into key UK and international markets.

Lindsay Servian joins BluDesks as an Independent Non-Executive Director to the Board.

At a time of rapid growth and as many entities turn to the benefits of flexible property arrangements, Lindsay brings a wealth of relevant skills and experience having served as an Executive and Non-Executive Director in TMT, Digital Platform and PE businesses both here in the UK and internationally.

Lindsay commented, “In offering a flexible platform for corporate employees to book high-quality coworking and meeting room spaces throughout the UK and overseas, BluDesks is aligned with the future of the office.” Lindsay added, “I’m delighted to be working with founder Chelliah Nakeeran and the team in the exciting next phase of the businesses’ rapid growth.”

Joining Lindsay as Advisor to the Board is Mark Springett. Mark has extensive experience in digital marketing and new media and has held Executive Director and senior management positions in a wide range of industries including the Media, Publishing, Advertising, Retail and Manufacturing sectors.

Mark also commented, “I am delighted to be joining the BluDesks team and trust that their flexible proposition of being able to book office space by the hour, day or week, and only pay for what clients use, is ideally suited to take advantage of current economic situation.”

BluDesks’ Founder Chelliah Nakeeran commented, “I am delighted to welcome Lindsay and Mark to the Board at this exciting time when businesses of all sizes embrace remote working solutions for their employees, and confident they will add new and diverse perspectives to the Board as we continue our development and growth strategy.” is an online marketplace that enable entities to list flexible workspace availability that corporate clients and freelancers can book via PC or the app.

Hot Desk in 2021 – The Ultimate Guide

Date: Tue May 4 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

The traditional office set up has been changing almost constantly since the 1980’s and the invention of the PC. This marked the start of the technological era that changed how we work forever. When the PC and technology was brought to the mass market and implemented into office culture, it created a snowball effect that has evolved at a fast pace. Increasing availability of internet, smart phones, laptops and online security over the decades created a shift in how the office was needed and utilised. Now, there is a need for companies to be flexible with their employees and how they manage business growth, and the concept of shared offices spaces and hot desk rental is becoming a popular trend.

What does Hot Desk Rental mean?

A hotdesk is a desk in a shared office or workspace system, where different hot desks are used by different people as and when they are needed. It is a flexible option for those who want to dictate their own working hours and location, simply turn up at one of our coworking offices and set up your hot desk for the day. Rather than working from home or sitting in a coffee shop all day where there are plenty of distractions, you can spend your work time surrounded by like-minded people and professionals (along with all the perks of a fully functioning office!). The best part is that there is no commitment or expensive office overheads – all you need to do is turn up, choose a hot desk, pay for the time that you use and get working!

What is the purpose of a hot desk?

The purpose of a hotdesk in a coworking environment is relatively simple – it allows you a lot more freedom and flexibility that a traditional office set up. Working from home isn’t uncommon any more thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and businesses are realising that you don’t need everyone at the same location to get the same jobs done. By utilising a hot desk rental service, you can have people minimise commute times, meet up with customers in convenient locations and save a lot of money by not having long commercial leases and overheads with office upkeeps. For example, if you are trying to grow your business, it is much better to have a pay-as-you-go option rather than committing to a large cost, especially with rental prices in London. If you want to start a business in the capital, or simply to grow and have a central base – it is much more cost efficient to rent hot desks in London than it is to commit to a full office.

The modern workforce is changing and evolving rapidly. With people free to make their own working arrangements, the demand for flexible options and hot desk rental is increasing with it. Just because people can work from home, doesn’t mean that they particularly want to. By choosing to use a hot desk in London or elsewhere in the UK, it means that employees are able to work productively around their lifestyle and requirements.

hot desk rental

Who can use a hot desk?

The beauty of a hot desk is that anyone can use them! Professionals like consultants and freelancers are used to working in a non-traditional office environment, but new and established businesses can also take advantage of the hot desk rental system to build and grow their companies.

New Businesses – Hiring a hot desk space is perfect for a new business that is just starting out. You can feel the waters and try to grow your businesses without worrying about being tied into lengthy and expensive contracts. You also get the perks of a fully equipped office without having to fork out a lot of money or worry about the upkeep. By using a hotdesk, you will get access to printers, wi-fi, scanners and much more!

Small Businesses – small businesses can benefit greatly by using a hot desk in a shared office space. Again, you don’t have to worry about the overheads that come with renting office space, but you can also focus on growing your business. If you want to expand, but you don’t want to open another branch just yet, simply hire a hot desk in London or elsewhere and test the waters! It doesn’t have to be a permanent commitment and at BluDesks we have hot desks and shared offices all over the globe.

Freelancers – Probably one of the biggest demographics who use our hot desk rental service. Being a freelancer is very appealing as it means that you can set your own hours and be your own boss. But working from home can be lonely and get distracting! If you find that you need a break, then our hot desk pay-as-you-go service is perfect. Only pay for the time that you need and enjoy the buzz and office atmosphere. You can network and meet potential new clients as well as enjoying all the perks of a fully functioning office – what is not to love?

Remote and Home workers – With the pandemic causing most people to set up a home office and work remotely, large businesses are seeing that they do not need to have a central office to get the job done. Companies are becoming more and more flexible to fit with their employees needs and requirements. If you are starting to get back to work but have been given the option of remote working, our hot desk rental service may be just what you need. If you are struggling to work productively from home, then using our shared office spaces full of like-minded professionals can really give you the push that you need.

Commuters – Commuting is the bane of most people’s lives, especially for those who live in busy cities. The rise in home and remote working has shown that some work can be carried out outside of the office, and so, many people are choosing to use a hot desk in London, closer to their homes instead of battling with traffic and pedestrians.

Meetings – As most people know, even with the rise in technology and video conference calls, sometimes nothing beats a face to face customer meeting. Instead of getting your customer to travel, why not go to meet them? Simply book one of our hot desk private meeting rooms and enjoy the benefits of the office without having to commit or make your customer travel too far.

Hot Desk in London

So there you have it! A quick guide to what exactly a hot desk is and who can use them. With many benefits including no long contracts and no stressful overheads, as well as flexible payment options and the ability to find a space with our handy app and search engine – what is not to like?

Difference between Hot Desk and Fixed Desk

Date: Tue May 4 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

With more and more people moving from the traditional office environment and into shared office spaces, coworking provides a number of solutions for businesses. As well as being flexible and cost efficient, using hot desk office space means that you meet new and different people daily, and you are able to use all the perks that come with a fully furnished office. There are many different ways that you can use coworking office spaces, and it all depends on what your company and your employees need. Some people will work better with using hot desks, whilst others feel more comfortable with a fixed or dedicated desk.

What is a hot desk?

If you are looking for a hot desk near me, then it helps to know the difference between hot or fixed desks. A hot desk is where no employee is assigned a particular desk – it is a free seating arrangement. Simply turn up on the day and choose the space you feel comfortable in. The next day, you will find another hot desk in London and so on. This can work day by day, or hour by hour. With our flexible pricing options, you can choose any hot desk space in London and set up shop for the day or if you are simply wanting to get your head down and focus then all you need to do is find an empty desk and get started.

What is a fixed desk?

As you might have guessed, a fixed desk is an arrangement where the employee has a dedicated workstation within the shared office space. Instead of turning up and having to find a free hot desk near me, you already know where you will be working for the day. This is more like the traditional office set up; however, it means that people who normally work remotely or from home will still have the buzz and atmosphere of working in an office rather than being at home alone.

hot desk office space

Compare hot desks in London to Fixed desks

Hot desks

Fixed Desks

Flexible working arrangements – Finding a hot desk space in London might work better for you if you need the flexibility and freedom of choosing your own location and hours.

Provides personal space – Each employee that turns up knows where they will be sat, and fixed desks are normally provided with storage options which means you don’t have to take everything home with you at the end of the day.

Encourage social interaction with new people – having to find a different workstation every day means that you are always meeting new people, and potentially finding new clients and customers along the way!

Allows you to personalise – as you don’t have to clear your desk each day, you are able to find the right equipment to suit you like chairs or keyboards, and you can bring in some photos to cheer your space up

Helps to reduce clutter – at the end of the day, you have to leave your desk completely empty and tidy. On the plus side, you know that you are always turning up to a clean and tidy hot desk office space!

Creates collaboration – as you know who you will be sitting next to each day, you create stronger bonds with your team members. Unlike a hot desk office space, you can work together with the same people each day to work towards the same goal

Cost efficient – being able to pick and choose how and when you want to work means that you are not committing to renting an entire office space. Our pay-as-you-go system means that you only pay for how much you use.

Does not disrupt your flow – some people flourish when they realise, they can pick and choose which hot desk space in London they can choose each day, whilst some people already know they work better in familiar surroundings. By choosing a fixed desk, you won’t get flustered if you can find a hot desk that you like.

Both a hot desk office space and a fixed desk are good options if you are using a coworking office. In some cases, a job may be preferable to one or the other – for example if you are handling sensitive or personal data then it is recommended that a fixed desk is used for privacy. Most of the time, it purely depends on people’s personal preferences. Whatever your needs are, there is an option out there for you with BluDesks shared office spaces.

hot desks in London

Guide to Hot desk etiquette

So, if you decide that using hot desks in London is the option for you, then you need to know the rules. There are always unspoken rules for office etiquette – don’t eat other people’s food, remember to flush the toilet and don’t listen in to other people’s conversation etc. Here, we have put together a handy little guide of the do’s and don’ts of using a hot desk office space so you don’t get caught out!

Clean your mess – this is a big one. One of the perks about using a hot desk space London is that you always have a clean desk when you arrive. Don’t be the person that leaves empty coffee cups or food wrappers, it really isn’t a pleasant experience and you don’t want to make a name for yourself

Be ready to leave at the allotted time – if you have booked a desk for a couple of hours rather than a full day, make sure that you are ready to leave 5 minutes before the end. There is nothing worse than turning up to a hot desk near me that you have pre-booked, and the person before you is still talking on the phone or making last minute document changes. Make sure that you are all ready and packed up before the next person turns up.

Don’t take personal items and leave them – for hot desk office space to work successfully, it is important that each desk is left clean and ready for the next person to use. This means no personal items left on the desk – you don’t want to be looking at someone else’s relatives when working or finding paperwork that isn’t yours!

Loud phone conversations – While it isn’t against the rules to make phone calls when using hot desks London, if you know you are going to be having a particularly long or confidential phone call then it might be worth using the conference or meeting room facilities. You don’t want to be disturbing the person next to you!

Whilst none of these are rules that are there to be enforced (well expect the keeping your desk clean one!) it is simply about using your common sense and being courteous to others who are using the hot desk office space alongside you – don’t forget it is their space as well. As a general rule, behave how you would like others to behave around you and there will be no arguments about who left the empty coffee cup behind.