5 Symptoms you’re going a little Stir Crazy!

5 Symptoms you’re going a little Stir Crazy
Date: Fri Mar 27 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

You feel something’s a little out, but is it just a momentary lapse, or something more serious? You’ve heard friends and family state they’re going a little ‘stir crazy’ in the Covid-19 lockdown, but what are the signs this is really happening to you..?

1, You’re brewing up, like, all the time

Sure, you liked a tea or coffee before, but now it’s like your kettle has become your new best buddy. You’ve no sooner finished one cup and you’re looming nonchalantly over the blessed brew-maker again, what will it be… tea or coffee, coffee or tea! The only thing matching your new fervour for a constant brew is your rapidly staining teeth. Eugh!

2, Your to-do list, feels like agony to even start!

Lockdown started so well. You started a to-do list of all the things you struggled for time to do before, and your attitude was impressively stalwart and stoical in the face of your Covid-19 adversity.

A few days in… and the super-list is a long-forgotten relic of when you had self-esteem and purpose in life. Starting even the smallest task, (even though you know it would be good for you), makes you feel paralysed and a little nauseous. You need motivation, a friendly hug, a hero to come in and help, but it’s too late and they’re all holing up inside too.

3, Your personal appearance has become obsolete

You used to be known for your polished looks, pristine outfits and sharp creases as well as your impeccable grooming. Looking in the mirror now you look a little like the scientist (Christopher Lloyd) in ‘Back to the Future’ (male or female!) It’s really gone and you’re seriously doubting those days of sartorial elegance are ever going to return. You know deep down this is going to take a herculean effort to come back from and you may never look quite the same as you did before.

4, Box-sets aren’t doing what they once did

Well at least there’s lots on TV… or so you thought! Now you cannot find one damn thing you can settle on. Nothing is grabbing you and you’re gravitating inexorably back to Sky news for the latest grim headline makers and endless mundane ‘breaking news’. You lament back to the days when there was great TV and reluctantly heave yourself up to bed early, having not found anything worth watching.

5, Sleep is your only true escape!

Just as you’re brushing your teeth at the end of another excruciatingly boring day, you find yourself thinking ‘Thank God! bedtime.’ A time when you can drift off into oblivion and dream longingly, about when you could meet your mates and have a drink in a pub…when you didn’t feel like punching somebody even 30 feet from your new-found personal exclusion zone. Blessed relief for a few hours until you have to face it all again!

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