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Date: Tue Apr 5 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

As we ease into living with covid, UK businesses are pivoting from remote working to hybrid models. According to a report published by McKinsey, 9 out of 10 executives plan to embrace hybrid working. 

Last September The Telegraph reported the hybrid model had brought renewed hope to almost a quarter of the companies that expected to close their doors following lockdown. 

The upheaval is prompting corporate purchasing departments and facility management teams to find cost-effective and practical solutions. 

BluDesks goes a long way to solving problems that businesses face right now – at least on the in-office side of hybrid working. Our flexible pay-as-you-go platform provides businesses of all sizes with easy access to office space and meeting rooms all over the world

Flexible working should offer convenience 

Flexible working offers employees more convenience. They said. Flexible working was supposed to offer employees more work-life balance. Oh yes, that old chestnut.

Reports show that the reality of remote working has not quite panned out as promised. Juggling the demands of work and home life in one hand increased stress levels. Burnout followed. Productivity and motivation took a nosedive.

Facility management teams need to acknowledge that individuals take a different approach to flexible working. Everyone has different needs, but all needs need to fit into one model. 

Companies that have downsized will face the most problems. Employees that prefer the office environment or cannot concentrate at home and need private space need a solution. 

This is where BluDesks trumpets the cavalry bugle. We provide access to thousands of flexible office spaces from one single platform. That means you only need to register once but can book hotdesks, meeting rooms and co-working spaces anywhere you like. 

Now is convenience and lends a helping hand to employees looking for the coveted work-life balance.

Cost-effective co-working spaces

Lockdown put the future of 250,000 small businesses in a noose. Thousands of companies are now scrambling to save their business by heavily cutting costs. 

Renting co-working spaces has proven to be a life jacket, but not every workspace provider offers cost-effective solutions to corporations. If you have a distributed workforce, you have to pay multiple registration fees to hire hot desks and co-working spaces. 

What’s more, most co-working spaces tie you into monthly contracts. This means that you end up paying for office space when you’re not using it. In a time when you need more control over your purse strings, you need a company that really does provide cost-effective solutions. 

We don’t insist on rolling monthly contracts. You simply book a desk, private office space or meeting room and let us know how long you want it for. Fees are charged hourly. 

In other words, you pay as you go. It’s flexible. It’s convenient. It’s cost-effective. 

The single-pass also gives you options. For example, if you assign access to our portal to a handful of users in facility management and accounts you have more control over your spending. 

Moreover, we have a wide range of offices to choose from all over the UK so you can choose the amount you are prepared to spend on each level of personnel. 

For example, you can assign department and cost-centre codes and different applications forms by employee type which enables accounts to track spending and pay invoices. 

If you need flexible working space where you get to control the costs, check out the office space we have to offer and sign-up for a universal BluDesks pass today.

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