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Date: Tue Apr 26 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Staff training is critical for the success of your business operations. After all, a company is only as good as its employees. Yet the performance of your employees largely rests on the quality of training they receive. 

Whilst most companies may not have an issue with their training program, more and more businesses are finding they don’t have the right environment to deliver the program as effectively as they might. 

With more companies switching to hybrid working, the space issue for HR & Training Managers has been exacerbated. Office closures and downsizing has meant even the largest firms don’t have the luxury of space they used to. 

This poses a problem for training managers on a number of levels. In the first instance, a trainer may not have the scope to book a meeting room for an entire day. Other members of your company will still need to have meetings. 

Then there is a question of space. Do you have a room on-site that is large enough to accommodate the number of people you’re training and allow them space to move around? 

Another option most training would float is online training. With employees working from home, this may feel like the most logical and cost-effective solution. 

But is virtual training really that effective to coordinate, deliver and understand? There have been at least 10 disadvantages identified when it comes to e-learning. 

Another issue for businesses is that training new starters remotely doesn’t make a good impression. They will feel isolated, intimated and confused. It’s far easier to train staff in person – especially if they are new to the company. 


Fully-Equipped Meeting Rooms 

The best solution for a large percentage of HR & Training Managers is to hire fully-equipped meeting rooms. Whether you’re looking for your own staff or you provide external training courses as a service to third parties, BluDesks‘ cost-effective pay-as-you-go facilities provide a solution every time. 

The primary goal of a training program is to deliver the material via appropriate formats. That could mean you need an overhead projector, a whiteboard or a sufficient amount of room to conduct role-plays.

Whether you need a meeting room for a small group of five or a large group of 20+ delegates, BluDesks provides a one-stop solution. With a corporate membership and single sign-in, you have access to multiple meeting rooms all over the city you live. 

With the capacity to search and find a meeting room that serves the demands of your training program, you will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to scour the internet and sign up for dozens of co-working spaces that hire meeting rooms

The meeting room we provide access to is equipped with adequate power points, projection systems, HV/audio, whiteboards and more. Whether you’re hosting a small training session, workshops, or a multi-day training course for a large number of people, BluDesks provides the staff training solutions with your business is looking for. 

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