Co-Working Spaces: Providing Professional And Social Relief For Freelancers

Upper view of start-up people working in open co-working office
Date: Sat Sep 7 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Whilst many freelancers effectively run their own business from home and the occasional coffee shops, others prefer the buzz of a working office environment.

Co-working space provides the ideal solution for freelancers to connect with other creatives, network, make new friends, share knowledge and ideas, and even secure new clients.

For these reasons and more, co-working spaces are growing in popularity – and not only amongst freelancers, but start-ups and established businesses as well. Most shared office providers rent out entire floors.

For freelancers, the opportunity to work alongside other creatives doing the same or similar types of jobs is an opportunity to make professional and social connections.

Co-working spaces are therefore a valuable resource for digital nomads that have recently moved to a new city and freelancers looking to hook up with like-minded professionals.

Embracing the office environment

Co-working spaces are typically fully-functioning offices with all the vibes you expect from a working environment. Most providers also have office facilities you can use such as photocopiers, scanners, printers and AV equipment.

Should you need to consult with a client, give a presentation or brainstorm ideas on a collaborative project, meeting rooms are available to hire as well. If it works to your advantage, you can actually create the impression that your business is a larger operation than just you and a laptop.

For some freelancers, being in the hub of a busy office pumps you up with some much-needed motivation. If you’re the type of person that is easily distracted at home, co-working spaces help you ramp up your productivity levels.

And if being around other creatives brings a spark into your life, then hanging out in shared office environments is a no-brainer. If you’re lucky, the service provider will even provide free refreshments and biscuits. If not, start your own biscuit club. Make mine a chocolate hobnob!

Convenience or flexibility…or both

Freelancers who rent shared office space have the option to choose from a fixed desk or hot desk. The latter is more cost-effective, whilst fixed desks provide you with convenience and stability.

You can read more about the key differences and the advantages of hot desks and fixed desks in this article, but to sum up, a fixed desk means you work from the same place every day whilst a hot desk gives you more flexibility to work from different locations.

With, hot desking provides you with multiple convenient options because you only need one pass to work from an unlimited number of locations. And we have thousands of co-working spaces around the world that are primed for local freelancers and digital nomads to hook up.

The main advantage of the Membership Pass is you can book a hot desk anywhere in the world without having to register with multiple companies.

What’s more, there is no contractual obligations to any one service provider. If you don’t like a particular office for whatever reason, you don’t have to return just to get your money’s worth.

Co-working spaces not only fulfil your professional needs but fill the gaps freelancers and digital nomads often experience in their social life. make it even easier for you to find the space you want to work from and connect with people you want to socialise with!

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