Moving Your Cost Structure Needle with Hybrid Working

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Date: Tue Nov 2 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

With workforces spending far less time in the office than ever before, there is simply no need for the large and expensive office spaces that many businesses manage.  

But when considering ad-hoc needs for additional space, and issues of cultural and work practice, is it realistic to embed this strategy and the significant potential cost savings into next year’s Annual Operating Plan and Budgets? 

With strong leadership to drive coherent work practices for Hybrid Working. And with access to real Flexible Workspaces, the answer for most organisations is ‘yes’. 

It is significant 

Current (indicative example)  Hybrid  Saving 
150 desk-office in Central London at 1 desk per employee & 2-3 meeting rooms  Employees work in the Office for team culture / building for 1 day per week -> 30 desk office & 1-2 meeting rooms  Employee morale Carbon footprint Administration 
Annual cost at £500-600 per employee per month: £ 1 mn p.a.  Approximate annual cost: £ 200,000 p.a.  Space saving: £ 800,000 p.a. 

It is feasible 

Hybrid Working: The lockdown proved that managers in most organisations can modify work practices to adjust for home working. The end of lockdown therefore brings with it the realization that home working can be blended with the benefits of office working into Hybrid working arrangements. 

Real Workspace Flexibility: Ad-hoc needs for workspaces that result from downsized offices can be met without spending a significant amount of the office space cost savings. For example, BluDesks solutions include high quality meeting rooms and coworking spaces on a PAYG basis throughout the UK from just one-hour upwards (without any call for monthly commitments). 

What next? 

BluDesks would be more than happy to speak with you. Please drop a line to us at for any enquiries. 

Or visit our website at: Remote Working Corporate Membership | Pay-As-You-Go| BluDesks 


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