National Work Life Week

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Date: Thu Oct 14 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

With National Work Life Week well under way, now is a great opportunity to focus on wellbeing in the workplace and the importance of a healthy work-life balance. In support of Working Families UK – a leading charity for workplace wellbeing – we would like to raise awareness for what can be done to promote healthy working practices for you and your business. 

 Although the past year has presented massive challenges for employers and employees alike, one positive development has become overtly apparent. The status quo of the 5-day work week in the office is a thing of the past. Modern circumstances have shifted in favour of Hybrid Home-Office Working. 

 There are numerous benefits to Hybrid Home-Office Working. Employees are able to spend more time with loved ones, they can reduce lengthy commutes (lowering carbon emissions) – each contributing to positive mental health work practices. 

 The wellbeing of employees and the wellbeing of a business as a whole are inherently connected.  Employee satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, and office space and management cost-savings can be dramatically improved.  

 And whilst hybrid working and downsized offices bring their own challenges, new flexible workspace offerings provide businesses with solutions to providing working environments where and when they’re required. Meeting rooms and co-working spaces that can be booked throughout the UK on a pay-as-you-go basis for short durations (from one hour+) facilitating important video meetings near employees’ homes, or as supplemental spaces near re-sized offices, can assist in the challenge. 

 Find out more about improving workplace wellbeing by visiting and visit Remote Working Corporate Membership | Pay-As-You-Go| BluDesks to learn about real workspace flexibility. 

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