How Renting Meeting Space With BluDesks Can Help Your Business

Date: Tue Mar 22 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

The nature of the digital world has changed the way we work. Remote working and collaborative projects with off-site contractors were becoming prominent even before the pandemic.

Companies of all sizes are changing their business models to focus on collaboration rather than individualistic work. As a result, people are spending more time in meetings. 

Surveys show that upper management spends around 50% of their time in meetings. Even middle management and operational teams spend more time than they need having meetings. 

As a result, there is a shortage of meeting rooms. This has been exacerbated by companies downsizing and switching to a hybrid office. Remote workers spend 25.3% more time in meetings, but there are fewer rooms. 

Even with sophisticated booking systems, meetings can run over and you either have to leave the room and finish the meeting with your client elsewhere, or you’re left waiting for the meeting room to become available and you keep a client waiting. 

Either scenario is not ideal. 

Nor is a zoom meeting at your desk where you annoy your colleagues, team meetings in noisy cafes, or cancelling a meeting altogether because C-suite executives have pulled rank to have crisis talks.

There is another option. Rent a meeting room with BluDesks! 

Because BluDesks have multiple options you have more chance of finding the ideal meeting room whether you book well in advance or last minute. 

  1. Professional Setting 

Coffee shop meetings can be okay for one-to-one and a change of scenery. But public places are not good if you’re brainstorming or having a meeting with a group of people. You will also be competing against the noise. 

Meeting rooms provided in office settings are usually more appropriate for a variety of reasons. They are quieter, ambient, and fully equipped with video conferencing amenities, whiteboards, plug sockets and TV/audio equipment etc. Some offices even provide refreshments gratis, so renting meeting rooms can be more cost-effective than coffee shops as well.

   2. Multiple Locations 

One of the biggest benefits of having a BluDesk pass is that you can book a meeting room anywhere in the world with just one registration. This gives you access to thousands of meeting rooms in the most convenient location. 

For example. You could meet a client halfway or wherever is most convenient for them. Likewise, if two colleagues are working from home and live on the same side of town, there is little point in travelling to the office to have a meeting when there is an office within 10 minutes walking distance.

   3. Privacy

A common issue for people in meetings these days is privacy. You either get interrupted by people popping their heads round the door to check if the room’s free or you’re in a public space. 

Renting office space gives you more privacy and you’re less likely to be interrupted – providing you book a sufficient amount of time. BluDesks provide a pay-as-you-go service so you pay by the hour. This makes booking meeting space with BluDesks convenient and cost-effective. 

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