Avoid The Hassles of Booking Meeting Rooms in London

Date: Tue Mar 15 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Booking a meeting room in London can be time-consuming. If you’re among the hordes of freelance workers, work-from-home-employees or start-ups that don’t have easy access to meeting rooms in a convenient location, browsing the net is a frustrating waste of time. 

That being said, even if you do have access to meeting rooms, there’s no guarantee that booking one through your company’s internal room scheduling software will turn out well. 

Have you had any Outlook headaches lately? 

If you regularly need space for a variety of meetings, you’re probably familiar with the following scenarios:

  • You’ve booked the meeting room from 10 – 11. It’s 10:05 and your anxiety levels are bubbling because the previous meeting has overrun and you can’t get in. It’s eating into your meeting time. The anxiety is even worse when a client’s waiting!
  • You’ve booked the meeting room from 10 – 11. It’s 11:05, you’re frustrated because you’re running the meeting with important clients and need another 15 mins but have to close the meeting room early as someone else has booked the room at 11 and pressing you to get out. All the more annoying because you knew the meeting would take 1 1/2 hours and the space wasn’t available.
  • You’ve booked a meeting room for 11, but when you arrive, another manager has booked it for the entire day. How did that happen? The room was showing that it was available on Outlook – but the person that booked the room did select the right options to book the “New All Day Event” option. D’oh! 

BluDesks can help by enabling meeting rooms to be booked when and where you want – even when all the rooms in your office of fully booked. 

Book a Meeting Room on BluDesks

BluDesks has teamed up with hundreds of co-working spaces that offer meeting rooms in London. As a matter of fact, we give you access to over 1500 co-working locations all over the world. 

The beauty of using BluDesks is that you can book a meeting room in London that is convenient for you to reach. So let’s say, you experience any of the common scenarios mentioned above. Simply log into your BluDesks account and see if there’s a meeting room within five or ten minutes of your office. There’s a strong chance there will be! 

BluDesks also make booking a meeting room in London easy for freelancers, start-ups and work-from-home employees. If you want to impress a client, why not book a meeting room in a co-working space to give your client the impression you run a successful business. Fake it till you make it – every other successful has!

If you’re working from home and need to meet up with a colleague to brainstorm, it might be more convenient for you to meet in the middle instead of travelling all the way to the office. 

BluDesks simply removes all the hassle of booking a meeting room in London by giving you access to hundreds of co-working spaces. It only takes a matter of minutes to find and book a meeting room. Plus you only pay for the time you use so it keeps the costs down as well. 

Hop on board. Who knows where the BluDesks journey will take you! 


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