Coworking Spaces Eliminate Travel Chaos

Date: Mon Jun 20 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

News of the rail strike has no doubt irked commuters. However, spinning a negative into a positive, the travel chaos may help enterprises and employees in the UK to identify better solutions – not only for this week but moving forward as well; namely flexible coworking spaces.

With 80% of the rail lines closed this week, travel is seriously disrupted across England, Scotland and Wales. The knock-on effect will mean that roads are jammed, more CO2 will be pumped into the environment and workers will have to spend more on fuel and parking. Productivity will also take a hit due to lost hours.

Pardon the rail pun, but the strike could bring light at the end of the tunnel. People don’t like commuting to work anyway and one study has found that long commutes to work increase the risk of depression and obesity.

Commuting has also been linked with an increase in stress, a decline in mental health, and a loss of productivity. It is estimated that employees spend around 360 hours a year travelling to and from work.

Over the last few years, it has been demonstrated that working from home offers more benefits to business owners and employees. Subsequently, employers are introducing flexible working arrangements.

The Office of National Statistics reports the number of businesses converting to a hybrid model increased by 11% between February 2022 and May 2022. It makes far more sense to work from home or in a coworking space that is within walking distance for a number of reasons.

Flexible Coworking Space

Whilst remote working has proven to be beneficial, working from home is not for everyone. Subsequently, there has been an increase in workers taking advantage of office facilities offered by coworking spaces. Some people prefer to share a workspace with other people. An office environment gives you access to printers, photocopiers, and TV/audio equipment and is good for mental health.

Coworking spaces with BluDesks give you access to meeting rooms you can book by the hour. If you have to cancel a meeting with a client due to travel disruptions in the UK this week, our flexible meeting rooms may provide a solution – and in a location that is more convenient.

Choosing a flexible coworking space close to your home means you don’t have to commute. By walking, you also reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise. Companies lower carbon emissions and energy bills.

Moving forward, you may find a coworking space in a convenient location is a better option for you; financially, mentally and emotionally. Coworking spaces can help employees, and businesses thrive.

The BluDesks model is designed to make finding and booking coworking spaces even easier. Our website gives you access to coworking spaces all over the UK (and the world). This makes it easier to find a coworking space near you that has the facilities and capacity to meet your needs.

Moreover, you only have to register with BluDesks once to gain access to thousands of flexible coworking spaces. That will save you even more time that not having to commute to work

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