Why Coworking Spaces Are Key To Your Hybrid Working Strategy

Date: Fri Jun 24 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Hybrid working is a new concept that will no doubt take a little time to iron out. Access to flexible coworking spaces with BluDesks helps the bedding process run more smoothly.

First of all, our website provides you with a portal to scores of coworking spaces in your city. You will be able to find whatever space you need in one place. This significantly reduces the search time search for registering with multiple websites.

Secondly, we offer two types of membership; corporate and personal. This gives enterprises the choice to give employees a spending limit and more autonomy or to have some control over sending by appointing HR personnel with the responsibility to book rooms for individuals and on an ad hoc basis.

BluDesks not only gives your employees the opportunity to work remotely in an office environment that is conveniently located close to their homes, but we also give you more flexibility to work in multiple coworking spaces all over the world.

Access To Office Facilities

A concern with the hybrid model is that workers may find themselves isolated and without access to the office equipment they need – such as a photocopier.

The majority of coworking spaces are fully-functioning offices equipped with facilities you would ordinarily expect to find in an office. You will even find coworking spaces that have meeting rooms with TV/Audio equipment and whiteboards so that you can organise presentation and training days.

Personal Interaction

Surveys show that when people were working from home during the lockdown, the thing they missed the most was the personal interaction with their work colleagues. It’s human nature to want company.

The challenge of implementing a hybrid working model is finding solutions that help to build bonds between your employees and foster your company culture.

Coworking spaces may not always enable colleagues to work together in a hybrid model but with BluDesks, there is more scope for employees that live on the same side of town to work in the same space without having to commute to the central office.

One of the benefits that employees enjoy with remote working is that they have more freedom and autonomy to choose where they work and when they work. BluDesks give workers the freedom to choose multiple locations from where they can work.

Improves Wellbeing

Being around other people is also good for personal well-being. Studies show that positive interaction between people creates a sense of belonging and reduces stress.

Employees that can create a good work-life balance are generally happier, more productive and have greater work satisfaction. When people are happy at work, they are more inclined to stay with the company.

BluDesks also lend a hand to help improve the work-life balance and well-being of our customers by offering flexible working space you can book by the hour. This also means you have more control over your spending. Moreover, you have the opportunity to simply book a desk when you feel like it during the day – such as during a mid-afternoon crash.

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