Hybrid home-office practicalities and the BluDesks Corporate Member Portal

Date: Sun Oct 10 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

Hybrid home-office working models offer the potential to bring significant cost savings (reduced office space) and improved employee morale.

But are hybrid arrangements practical? What about ad-hoc needs for additional space, and even if these were available, wouldn’t buying be too complex for internal purchasing procedures?

Quick, simple and easy to navigate, the BluDesks Corporate Member Portal provides direct access to thousands of cost-effective flexible workspace rentals spanning 150+ cities across the UK and internationally that can be booked on a pay-as-you-go basis from durations of just one-hour upwards.

As an integral part of its Corporate Membership scheme, BluDesks’ versatile online portal not only allows members to book from over 1,200 available co-working spaces, meeting rooms and private offices, but is also fully customisable to suit the policies, procedures, systems and processes of your business.

Coordinating teams that operate various areas of responsibility has never been more efficient and hassle-free. With its bespoke online system, you can assign a lead person such as a Facility Manager, Purchasing Manager or Office Manager, and delegated authorised individuals such as Project Managers, Regional Sales Managers or Office Coordinators, to make and manage bookings on behalf of your company.

After booking and payment has been settled directly through the portal, sub-groups – such as accounting and purchasing teams – can be nominated to access an online dashboard to see and monitor all active and past bookings, payments and invoices, resulting in a streamlined, efficient and user-oriented system within your business.

Additionally, members can access multiple payment and invoicing options through the portal including Direct Debit, Deposit with draw-down reconciliation, or Company (and/or Personal) Credit Card.

With workspaces instantly available as hourly+ pay-as-you-go rentals through the Corporate Membership scheme, the BluDesks Corporate Member Portal is the most convenient, flexible and comprehensive service for real, flexible workspaces when and where facilities are required.

Please feel free to contact our amazing support staff at hello@bludesks.com to learn more about the BluDesks Corporate Membership Scheme.

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