Why Are Coworking Spaces So Important For Us Today?

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Date: Tue Oct 5 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

There’s no doubt that the last year and a half has been pretty tough for everyone. The shakeup of the working world has been a test for people who are used to the hustle and bustle of office life. Plenty of people have been forced to adapt to working from home, which has taken a toll on those that thrive on human interaction. 

Now that people have been gradually returning to the office to work after so long, coworking spaces have become more popular and important to business owners and freelancers. Working from home has shown employers and business owners that it can be difficult for people to control their own productivity and motivation. This means that having a dedicated space where people can work remotely can be really important and beneficial. 

What Are Coworking Spaces? 

Coworking spaces are flexible alternatives to a traditional office environment. These innovative spaces are shared workspaces where people can work amongst other similar professionals and have access to various office essentials at a reasonable cost. 

Flexible office space in London and other major cities worldwide is low-cost compared to office buildings. Instead of being tied down to a long-term contract, you can sign up for a membership with no commitments instead, and you only pay as and when you need the coworking space. Included in that price is everything you need to get some work done, such as printers, wi-fi access, scanners and projectors. 

Advantages Of Coworking 

To understand why private office space in London is so important today, it’s a good idea to explore the benefits of using coworking spaces. There are several advantages to take note of: 

Buzzing Atmosphere

You get an excellent, positive vibe from using coworking spaces. People tend to be stimulated and encouraged when working in the company of others who are in similar circumstances. Your mood will also be lifted by the available facilities, such as a comfortable chair, furniture, office supplies and in some cases there’s unlimited tea and coffee. 

Boosts Business 

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, private office space rentals are perfect for helping you gain a reputation within your business. It’s a professional and great way to collaborate with partners, set up meetings with clients and network with other business owners in a setting that has a positive, community feel to it. Not only that but you will find that you are able to organise and plan your day better which will make you work more efficiently.  

Facilities And Benefits

The extra perks you get included in the price of renting coworking space exceeds expectations. Not only do you have a desk and chair, but you also have access to fast internet, all the office supplies you need, food and drink (available in some places) and the ability to book a coworking space in many locations all over the world. You won’t have to worry about spending extra on printing costs, utilities, maintenance or any other costs that come with managing an office.  

Low Cost And Flexible

When you think about a traditional office, you need to sign a long-term lease or rental agreement that ties you down for the length of time stated. This can be stressful if circumstances change within that time and you get burdened with financial worries. With coworking spaces, you get the flexibility of choosing where you work and how long you pay for your space. There are no contracts or hidden fees to worry about, and you just sign up for a membership and pay-as-you-go when you work. Not to mention the facilities you get included in the price mentioned earlier. It’s worth every penny! 

Chances To Network

Flexible office space in London is an excellent way to network with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs. You will get inspired with new ideas from having conversations with people who have different experiences to share, or you might even find a new partnership that helps boost your business. You just never know who you might meet each day and how it can positively affect your work. 

Increases Productivity

There’s no doubt that people are more productive when surrounded by like-minded, encouraging and energised people. The community spirit found in coworking spaces helps you feel motivated to get some good work done. Much better than working from home, where you can get easily distracted and feel isolated. It’s much harder for some people to get themselves motivated when working alone. Also, having a bigger space to keep things organised will definitely help you be more productive. 

Better Work-Life Balance 

Working in the same space that you live in has its disadvantages. You can get easily distracted by things that might need doing around the home or by members of your family that might be there while you’re trying to work. It’s much harder to get work done and can leave you feeling like you don’t get any respite. You’ll be much more productive working in a dedicated workspace where you can focus your attention solely on the jobs you need to get done.  

People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

With all of those benefits mentioned, it’s no wonder that people flourish in their work when renting private office space in London and other locations. Here are a few ways people feel they thrive in coworking spaces: 

Feel Part Of A Community 

The experience and vibes you get from these workspaces certainly have that sense of community spirit. The connections you make from socialising with others, and the energetic atmosphere are a big reason people pay to use these spaces. Even when focusing on work and you don’t want to interact as much, you still feel like you’re part of a “team”.  

Have More Control 

Choosing private office space rental is so flexible that you get more control over how you work than you would in a traditional office setting. If you have a big project that needs great concentration, you can choose to work longer days in a quieter location. If you are struggling in getting stimulated, you can choose a coworking space that is directly in the midst of a buzzing environment where you can get motivated by connecting with other people. The way you work is entirely in your control and is a wonderful advantage to coworking. 

Work Feels Meaningful 

Many people feel like they’re part of a social movement rather than just being someone who turns up to work. Coworking makes people feel more valued knowing that it’s sustainable, you’re always learning, there are opportunities for collaboration and being part of a community. Also, working with people who do different kinds of work can make you stand out more and feel like you have more of an identity.  

As you can see, there are many parts of renting private office space in London or elsewhere that are important for people wanting to work remotely without the corporate feel. If you feel that coworking is right for you, why not browse our website to find out more. You never know where your work might take you and what inspiration you might find. 

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