Quiet Meeting Rooms – They’re Better Than Noisy Coffee Shops

Group of people working on business project at cafe, sitting at table with sheets of paper and laptop
Date: Tue Mar 8 Author: Chelliah Nakeeran

The workplace has experienced massive upheavals of late. And the ‘new normal” looks set to continue. According to a report published by McKinsey, 63% of businesses plan to continue remote working, either fully or by adopting a hybrid model. 

Whilst working from home has advantages for some people, for others, it can be a distraction. Consequently, remote workers looking for a change of scenery by working in cafes. 

However, there are arguably more problems in cafes than at home. You’re not guaranteed a seat in a coffee shop and if you connect to the internet there’s no guarantee the connection is stable or secure.

Holding a zoom meeting in a cafe can also be distracting for other people. When there is music playing and the drone of conversation in the background, it’s not always easy for people to concentrate or hear what is being said.

Meeting up with colleagues and team members also throws up the same challenges. For example, it’s common for regional sales teams and operations staff to hold meetings in cafes – only to find they’re too crowded, noisy and messy. 

Staying focused in a cafe is fine when people are working on their own. It’s easier to turn your attention towards your work and shut out background noise when you’re on your own. But trying to listen to what someone is saying when there are conversations on surrounding tables vying for attention challenges people’s ability to stay focused and connected. 

Book quiet meeting rooms

If cafe-based meetings are not working out for you, why not book a quiet meeting room in a co-working space. With BluDesks, you can book a wide range of meetings room all over London, the UK and the world in a matter of clicks. 

With a network of co-working spaces offering affordable meeting rooms all in one place, finding a meeting room in a convenient location is simple. It takes a matter of minutes to find, choose and book a meeting room through our website or app. 

There is also a wider choice of meeting rooms to accommodate all types of meetings. We have small meeting rooms for one-to-one or brainstorming in small groups or large meeting rooms that enable you to fit in the entire team. 

If you’re hosting clients or delivering a presentation, you will be able to find meeting rooms in London that are fully equipped with whiteboards, projectors, TV/audio equipment and various sockets. 

BluDesks also provide a flexible service that keeps your budget in mind. You can book meeting rooms by the hour so you only pay for the time you use them. 

Our pay-as-you-go and meet-up anywhere model has proven to be highly popular with businesses that deploy distributed workforces. It’s convenient, cost-effective and constructive. 

With a single BluDesk Pass you have access to over 1500 meeting rooms the world over, and hundreds of quiet meeting rooms in London. Check out the meeting rooms you can choose from here and book a quiet space for your next meeting today.


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